Supports DSM-5 and ICD-10 diagnoses

Starting with TheraScribe 15.1, there is support for DSM-5 and ICD-10 diagnoses.  To take full advantage of this will require PracticePlanner® Modules that have DSM-5 and ICD-10 codes.

TheraScribe Saves Time and Effort in creating a treatment plan, progress notes, and homework.

Spend time with your client, not paperwork! Create a Treatment Plan in 20 minutes or less with more evidence-based and best practice intervention detail than you would ever add without this clinical tool. You do not have to reinvent the wheel every time you write a treatment plan. TheraScribe presents you with a wide menu of choices for treatment interventions and you only have to point and click to select those you want in your client’s plan. Deeply respected experts have written Objectives and Interventions for your consideration. Use your clinical judgment to select those that best fit your client’s needs and strengths. Point, click, and print. It’s that easy and that fast using TheraScribe.

Unmatched Depth of Content found in 33 unique Treatment Planning modules.

TheraScribe allows you to point and click to select Symptoms, Diagnosis, Goals, Objectives, and Interventions. Our language is honed so that Objectives/Interventions are precise, observable, and behaviorally based. With 30-45 Interventions for each presenting clinical problem, you have over a thousand Interventions to choose from for each Treatment Planner module installed. These Interventions will be instructive to limited experienced clinicians and valuable reminders or fresh ideas for veteran psychotherapists. For example, select cognitive restructuring and behavioral activation to insert into your treatment plan for treating depression in an adolescent client. Or select exposure and ritual prevention therapy for treating a child with obsessive compulsive disorder. Or select a mindfulness meditation technique to help an adult client overcome panic disorder. You will be amazed by the depth of possibilities TheraScribe makes available for you to select from.

Evidence-based Treatment Plan Interventions are informed by research results that prove their effectiveness.

Objectives and Interventions that are consistent with those found in evidence-based treatment as described in research literature are displayed in about half of the offerings for presenting problems. An effort was made to include research supported Interventions if there is sufficient investigation on the presenting problem to merit inclusion. We denote these evidence-based Interventions by placing a EBT (Evidence-Based Treatment) symbol next to the Intervention item. If you desire to read more about the research supporting these Interventions, references are cited by presenting problem chapter title in an appendix of the hard copy of the Treatment Planner book. The Introduction sections of the Treatment Planner books also describe in detail the criteria used for listing an Intervention as evidence-based. Ten of the Treatment Planner modules (and their parallel hard copy books) contain evidence-based content. Only in TheraScribe will you find such a concise compilation of research supported treatment Interventions for you to select from.

TheraScribe is Intuitive and Easy to Learn. You assess, select problems to focus treatment on, and create a plan to implement.

TheraScribe is the easiest clinical software to learn because it operates like you think: assess the problems that the client has described, select the problem to focus on, describe the symptoms of the presenting problem, select a diagnosis, set goals for treatment end, select Objectives for the client to achieve during treatment, select your clinical Interventions that TheraScribe pairs with the Objectives you have selected previously. It all flows in an intuitive manner. You will learn how to use this software in just a few minutes. TheraScribe is so easy to learn!

Create Prewritten Progress Notes Point and click from our progress note module content that is tightly integrated with the Treatment Plan.

TheraScribe offers you an opportunity to point and click to create a prewritten progress note from our Progress Note Planner content. You have often been told that progress notes must be meaningfully integrated with the treatment plan. The session must reflect that the treatment plan Objectives and Interventions have been worked on. Our menu of progress note sentences from which you can select are tied directly to the Behavioral Definitions (symptoms) and Interventions you have selected to be a part of the client’s treatment plan. You may also add self-written narrative psychotherapy notes if you prefer. TheraScribe saves all your notes electronically right alongside of the treatment plan in the client’s confidential file. You may print them out at any time.

Print out Homework Exercises for client completion between sessions.

If you have purchased and installed a Homework Planner module, TheraScribe will display options for client exercises that have been created specifically for the presenting problems you have made a focus of the client’s treatment plan. You may select the homework and insert it into the treatment plan and then launch that exercise and view it on the screen in totality. You may modify it if you choose to and then it can be printed as a handout for the client to take home or work on with you within the session. There are homework assignments for adults, adolescents, children, couples, addicted individuals, families, or veterans. TheraScribe is the most complete clinical tool available for all mental health providers.