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TheraScribe 21.1 (Current Version)

Download version 21.1 of TheraScribe (requires Windows 7 or newer!)

Enhancements to TheraScribe 21.1:

  1. Automatically update Maintenance Plan expiration date on button click w/o user having to enter Reg Code
  2. Add Select All button to Objectives and Interventions
  3. Clinical Pathway Information popup to Critical Warning popup
  4. Add Links to Support FAQ
  5. Add Ability to Submit Ticket with Exception information directly from TheraScribe
  6. Software Upgrade warning
  7. Version checking with registration
  8. Bug Fixes
    • Reports selection box resizes when customizing.
    • Dropdown arrow not showing on Treatment Plan/Problem Group Selection dialog
    • SOAP screen copy fix for notes
    • Appointment Event fixes

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TheraScribe 20.1 Release


Version 20.1 Enhancements