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Include Version(s)  5.x 15.1 and newer


Open TheraScribe. Click the Settings (Tools) icon at bottom of page or click the Go/Tools menu item.
Then click Database.  On the right hand side will be an option to Backup the database.
One can also select a location to store the backup.

Small Practice: Essentially, a backup is a complete copy of the existing database. Thus, there isn't a Restore Database process as such. Rather one would just click Open Database File link at the login screen, then click Open Existing Database File, navigate to the backup location and Open the backup file.

One can also set automatic backup for the Small Practice Edition from the Tools/System Settings page.

Enterprise Edition:  One can backup the DB as above. TheraScribe stores the backup as a .bac file on the SQL Server computer in the default folder. One can also restore from this button (but only as an Administrator) using the restore tab.
If you've stored the backup in a custom location, you can tick the From File option and type in the full path and backup file name.

Category(s): Database

Version(s): 5.x, 15.1 and newer

1. If you don't know your username or your password isn't working you can try logging in as Admin with the admin password (default is admin).
Then go to Tools and verify that your Provider information is listed.
If so, verify your login name and/or click the Password button to reset your password.

2. If you don't know your Admin password, at the login screen press Ctrl and Alt and P simultaneously. Copy the encrypted password and email to We can decrypt the password and send it back.

3. If your provider information is NOT listed on the Provider Screen, then you are likely in the wrong database.

In version 17.1 a Database History link was added so one could find the database with a last modified date of when you were last able to successfully connect to your database.

If you have an older version, contact on how to get an updated version -- requires an active maintenance plan.


Category(s): Database

Version(s): 5.x, 15.1 and newer

Go to Tools | Database and select the Back Up Database button. Also on this screen in information about the database location and the database version.

There is also an option under System Settings to automatically backup at set intervals when someone closes TheraScribe.  Also be aware that this option is specific to each workstation.

Category(s): Database

Version(s): 5.x, 15.1 and newer

This is generally due to the current Windows language version. Unfortunately, Microsoft Access's Password Security is only compatible with computers where the Windows language is English. 

Category(s): Database

Version(s): 5.x, 15.1 and newer

The SQL Server Instance must be configured for Mixed Mode Authentication. You can change this using SQL Server Manager which can be downloaded from if not currently installed on a computer.

Category(s): Database

Version(s): 5.x, 15.1 and newer

If you've recently upgraded or reinstalled SQL Server, the TheraScribe login may need to be created.

At the login screen click Change Connection. Then click Configure. Uncheck Create Database. Click Next.

Verify Server and DB info. Set SQL Login option. Click Next on the next 2 screens. You should then be able to login.

Category(s): Database

Version(s): 5.x, 15.1 and newer


This could be because of:

1. Formatting  - Please make sure the Registration Code is entered exactly as it was displayed in the email (including asterisk's and hyphen's). Copy and paste from the email if possible. 

2. Incorrect Code - You could be using the wrong code type. For example using an activation code vs. a registration code. An Activation Code is automatically generated when a Registration Code is entered. Registration Codes begin with S- (Small Practice) and N- (Enterprise).  Legacy Essentials versions begin with E- or E*-.

3. Character Mismatch - The code will contain zeros, no Os.

Category(s): Installation

Version(s): 5.x, 15.1 and newer


The “[EBT]” after certain objectives and interventions indicates that item is an Evidenced-Based Therapy/Treatment.
Research has shown those objectives/interventions to be efficacious in treating the related problems.

Category(s): Planners

Version(s): 5.x, 15.1 and newer


The Administrator level allows the user to have complete control over all functions of TheraScribe®. Solo providers should set themselves up with Administrator security. 
The Advanced user setting should be used for providers to whom you wish to give the ability to permanently alter libraries.
Basic users are unable to alter the actual TheraScribe® libraries.
However they can edit the entries for individual patients.
For a specific list of security-level functions, see the User's Guide under Providers or go to online help in TheraScribe®.

Category(s): Questions

Version(s): 5.x, 15.1 and newer

All versions of TheraScribe® from version 5.x and newer can be customized by customers.

PEC Technologies only customizes the current version of TheraScribe®. Email w/ details of your request to get an estimate of your customization.

Category(s): Questions

Version(s): 5.x, 15.1 and newer

One is able to change fonts in Rich Text boxes like PsychoTherapy Notes within TheraScribe.

One can also adjust the default font in windows 10:

Right click in an open spot of the desktop and click Display Settings toward the bottom of the popup menu.

Scrolling down a bit look for Scaling and Layout, then Change the size of text, apps, and other items.

Select a higher percentage. For example, if 100% is displayed try 125%, click OK to see if that's an improvement. One can experiment to find an acceptable size.

Category(s): Questions

Version(s): 5.x, 15.1 and newer

As with many lists in TheraScribe, you can add new or edit existing modality library items in two parts of the program.

Log into TheraScribe as an Administrator or Advanced user.
1. On the Treatment Plan/Modality screen, Click Add. At the bottom of the new screen you will see an Edit Library button.
    Then you can add/edit/delete Modalities and CPT codes.

2. On the Tools/Libraries screen select Treatment Plan from the Category drop-down. 
    Select Modalities from the Item drop-down.

All entries you make will immediately show up in the Treatment Plan Modalities section.

NOTE: CPT Codes describe medical or psychiatric procedures performed by physicians and other health providers. The codes were developed by the Health Care Financing Administration (HCFA) to assist in the assignment of reimbursement amounts to providers by Medicare carriers. A growing number of managed care and other insurance companies, however, base their reimbursements on the values established by HCFA. 

Category(s): Questions

Version(s): 5.x, 15.1 and newer

Edit Custom Fields 

The Tools/Custom Fields screen allows for the creation of an unlimited number of customized fields for collection of data that may be unique to the needs of your practice (Occupational Therapist Name, Parent Name, Alternate Phone Number, Preferred Appointment Time, etc.).


There are two levels of Custom Fields: Episode level and Session Level.
The fields that are created within this screen are automatically available for input on the Custom Fields screens:
Episode fields are automatically displayed on the Personal Data/Custom Fields screen.
Session fields are automatically displayed on the Progress/Session Custom Fields screen and are tied to a specific Session.


One can also insert custom fields on any screen that displays the Tools/Edit menu item -- see example below.

Once on the Tools/Custom Fields screen, select Add. A blank row will open up in the display table.
Episode level is the default. Select Session from the drop down if adding session level fields.
Click in the Field Name column and type in the label for the custom field.

Example of adding an Episode level field:
Custom Field Example


Click in the Field Type and select the type of data to be entered in the field

Field Type:   Functionality

Currency:      Numbers displayed in dollars/cents

Date:            Creates pop-up calendar

Date/Time:    Both date and time

Time:            Displays hours/minutes

Number:        User must enter whole number

Yes/No:         User selects “yes” / “no”

Text:             Creates single line of narrative text field of unlimited length

LongText:      Creates multi-line text field

RichText:       Allows formatting of text field -- bold, italic, font and font size, etc.

PickList:         Creates pull-down menus that you may populate with your choice of selections.

Signature:     Allows for signatures to be added to a page via a signature pad like Topaz or similar.

The list above shows the functionality associated with the types of fields you may select for your custom fields.

Category(s): Questions

Version(s): 5.x, 15.1 and newer

There is no automatic process to convert the report templates from 4.0 to 5.x or from 5.x to 15. Those reports would need to be redesigned to accommodate the updated TheraScribe database. Below you will find instructions for creating the custom reports.  This functionality is available to the user. However, it can be a bit involved. PEC can quote making changes to your reports if the changes prove to be beyond one's expertise or bandwidth. 

Creating Custom Reports

Users with Administrator-level security may create customized clinical or administrative report templates by adapting the built-in reports using their word processing program.  If you are a novice computer user, we urge you to leave the report customization function aside until you gain complete familiarity with TheraScribe®.   You may then want to try your hand at a variety of customizations suggested in this section.

Note:   Creating custom reports can be time-consuming and challenging for less technical users.   Report customization services are available from the TheraScribe® developer, PEC Technologies, LLC.  Contact PEC to inquire about customization services, at the website:
 Costs for report customization vary depending upon the extent of the alterations needed. 
You may decide that you want to add your personal touch or improve a report template to better meet the needs of your patients and practice.  To customize one of the TheraScribe® versions of the Clinical Record Report, you must first make a copy of the report you wish to change.   (Note: one can also click the F1 function key while on the reports screen to get help on customizing reports.)

To make a copy:

  1.      Click Add on the Clinical Records Reports screen.
  2.      Select Copy Existing Report and use the dropdown list to select the report you wish to change.
  3.      Click OK.

To customize a report:

  1.      Select a copied report.
  2.      Click Properties.
  3.      Click Edit.  The report will be opened in your word processor, where you can then make changes.
  4.      Click Save to save changes.

Category(s): Questions

Version(s): 5.x

In order to have 'old' providers appear in the 'Provider to be deactivated' list, they need to be currently Activated in TheraScribe. Once the transfer process is complete, the 'old' provider will not longer be Activated and you can uncheck the Active box so they'll no longer be displayed on the provider screen. Tick the Show All Providers box next to the Modify Activation button to display inactive providers as well.


Category(s): Questions

Version(s): 5.x, 15.1 and newer

  1.      Open TheraScribe to the login window
  2.      Press CTRL + ALT + P at the same time
  3.      A window will pop up showing the encrypted password.
  4.     Copy and paste the encrypted password into an email and send to where we can decrypt your password and email it back to you.


Category(s): Questions

Version(s): 5.x, 15.1 and newer


If you have questions that these FAQs do not address regarding ordering products, orders already placed, title information, price,  availability or support contact our Customer Care Department: 

Phone: (616) 776-1745 x4
Fax: (616) 776-1745
email:  Sales@TheraScribe.

Phone: (616) 776-1745  x5

PEC Technologies, LLC

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